Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Post #34 - update

The cold bug has come for a visit. Hubs and I are the last two in the household to catch it. Not fun. Not fun at all.  But, instead of writing about coughs, sniffles and wetting your pants when you sneeze, I thought I'd give a short update on the greenery around here.

You're welcome.

First off there is the celery growing in my kitchen window sill. 
 The one on the left looks more like celery stalks than just leaves now. I peeled off some of the outer layers because they were beginning to look yucky. I probably could peel off a few more.
I don't know how much more it will grow without any soil. It didn't cost me anything extra, isn't taking up much room and I'm a little curious, so it will hang out a little while longer.

Next are the Paperwhites.
 They've gotten quite tall.  No more blooms have shown up, though. And they aren't nearly as stinky as they were when they first bloomed. Either that or my nose is too plugged up to notice. Whichever it is..WIN!

And yes, that is a June Mobberly original hanging on the wall behind it. Thanks for noticing.

If I'm going to use that corner cabinet for a photo shoot, I should wipe it off for crying out loud. Oopsie.
Not much housework going on this week. I haven't felt like doing much of anything, actually.  Basically, I just snoop around my favorite blogs, check out Facebook and peruse through Pinterest in between naps.  In fact, I have only cooked once since I started feeling bad Sunday. My family is surviving, though.

Moving right along.

 Outside the snow is melting. My backyard is re-appearing.
My kids probably don't remember a winter when the snow hung around so long. We used to have them all the time, but lately our winters have had some snow, then a warm up to melt the snow, rinse and repeat.  But this year it snowed, then snowed some more, and snowed every day for almost a month. No melting in between.

 That pretty much does it for an update. I wish I had something more exciting to share. 
Maybe next time.


  1. Love the celery idea. Since our growing season is so short up here, am going to try this. How did you do this exactly?

  2. Chrys, I just lopped off the bottom like I usually do and plunked it in some water. I think the next time I will peel off some of the outer layers first. The longer one is growing is about 3 or 4 inches of root end. The shorter one I cut at about 2 or 3 inches from the root and it's not growing as fast. If they are still alive when it warms up, I might plant them in the garden and see if they take off.


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