Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Post #55 getting a lil dirty

Ok, so, as I went to put down what post number this was I looked at the last post, it said 53, no problem. But our blogger home page says we have 54 posts......hmmm......problem. In any case this is post #55 :D

So, I was off for two days straight this week. How did I spent this valuable time? I worked on a cross stitch project. but since the friend I'm making this for doesn't know what it is or even that I'm making them something I won't show the whole thing. But I will say I'm happy for the change in color.

Couldn't do much else, it rained the whole time I was off.
But I will say this about all the rain, the worms love it.....

Not to much else going on this week though. Hoping to get out fishing this weekend,
maybe Friday night or Saturday morning.

Until the next big story. :)

Friday, May 9, 2014

Post #53 - All gave some; some gave all

The American Veteran Traveling Tribute & The Traveling Wall (AVTT) 
is in town this weekend.  Some of the streets are lined with flags.  
It is beautiful.

Thank you to all our Veterans and their families.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Post #52 - Throw Back Thursday

It was a mid-November day in 2003 when I walked outside to check the mail and noticed something wasn't right with the secondary utility pole that borders our property beside the driveway.  
It was leaning over my car.
So I moved my car and called someone.  The pole would totter back and forth between upright and leaning. I hoped that when they arrived that it would be leaning so I didn't look like a froot loop for calling them. 

It was. 
Then it moved back as he approached it.

That's when things really started happening. 

If I remember right, it only took about half an hour for that first truck to get here. Which is mighty quick.

 They unhooked the lines and removed the old pole.

Meanwhile there were several trucks lined up down the street waiting their turn in our driveway. One to dig the new hole, one with the new pole, and a bucket truck to hook up the lines again.

All the kids were fascinated by the process. 
This little guy was especially interested in the big trucks lined up out front.

When they backed into the driveway, they were right outside our dining room window. And they never shut off those diesel engines.  
It got pretty fume-y inside the house.
Since our electric was off, I had to use the flash on all the inside pictures because it was beginning to get dark.  
And since the electric was off, I didn't have to cook supper. I took a break from picture taking to pick up supper at one of the businesses in town.

Because I was using the flash inside it was still on when I stepped outside to snap the last two pictures. I bet they really appreciated that.  
Or maybe not.

Anyway, they worked until dark to dig the new hole, set the new pole and attach the lines.

And then we had electric again.
And we were mighty appreciative. 

The end.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Post #51 - crafting

I'm working on a new craft project. 
It's an embroidery project. 
I got the idea from a crafting blog. 
It's very simple...just find a map of the United States, trace it onto fabric, stitch.

You know me better than that....of course I added more steps.

Once I decided how big I wanted the finished product to be, I made sure I had a hoop to accommodate it. I did. So I cut some fabric an inch bigger than the hoop height and width. I chose unbleached muslin because I like the looks of the brown flecks in the off-white material. 

I cut some light weight interfacing an inch smaller than the fabric and ironed it onto the back of the fabric. Muslin isn't a thick fabric choice, so I beefed it up with the interfacing. Easy peasy.

Then I taped the map in a sunny window.  I chose one of the maps from my computer that my kids have used for school work. I'm sentimental that way.  
But then I decided I probably should have marked the center of the map so I could match it with the center of the fabric. So I had to un-tape one side, fold it over and crease, put it back, then fold the map upwards and crease that direction. Center located and marked with a pen.

Next I marked the center of the fabric and taped it over top of the map, matching the centers...and began tracing the states with a fabric marking pen that will wash away when I'm finished.

I used a ruler to mark many of the western states. 
There aren't many straight lines on the eastern side.

I noticed that the edges were already beginning to fray so I got out the handy-dandy sewing machine and stitched all the way around the edge.

Then I hooped the fabric and began stitching....beginning with my home state (the heart of it all) of course. I couldn't wait to use the new variegated embroidery floss I bought this weekend. This skein has colors of red. If you look close, you will see the left and right edges of Ohio are dark red and the center is red. I love it. 
Next I want to get those pesky little New England states out of the way so I can enjoy the rest of the project.

Once it's finished, I will use this as the front panel of a throw pillow for the camper. I can't wait!