Friday, December 20, 2013

Post # 22 - Just keepin' in real

I grew up a little bit today.

Going through the Facebook news feed earlier I saw several people defending free speech and others arguing for the sake of arguing, some people with sick kiddos, some funny ecards, someone who posted repeatedly about petty stuff, and someone who is struggling with voices (real or imaginary) who tell them they aren't good enough.  You know, the normal stuff.
And while I had compassion for the person who is struggling, I wished the one who was whining would just grow up.  You know; be mature like me.

That's when the Holy Spirit took me to task.

Somewhere in all the talk about free speech and don't judge me attitudes, people were reaching out to others. And even though I had family support and Godly people in my life who showed me how to handle the kind of stress that is thrown at each of us, not everyone has had those.
Sure, I could relate to that person who didn't feel good enough. But, let's be honest; I've done my share of whining, too.  Ahem, mostly when I was younger.  (Okay, yesterday I was younger then I am today.  That's not the point.)

The point is, I need to pray for all of my friends. Those in real life and those I've met only on social media. Those who annoy me and those to whom I can relate.  No, I won't pray that you be like me; but I will pray for your families, your life, your spiritual growth. And you need to pray for me, too. I still need to grow up.

And to those who are struggling with the kind of things life throws at you I want to hug you and tell you that life isn't like that all the time.  It is full of ups and downs/hills and valleys. So while you are going through that valley, look up; for one day you will be on top of that hill that looks impossible to climb and you will look down at where you were and be thankful for all you have. God will help you through it all.  If you want to know more about Him, ask me.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Entry #21 - If you give a mouse a cookie.

Several years ago (maybe 15?) a children's author, Laura Numeroff, wrote a book titled, "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie".  It it she describes how life can snowball on you; one thing grows into another, then another.

That well describes my life this week.

I started making piggy banks to give to our Sunday School class this Christmas.  You know, out of felt.
Because they're cute, that's why.
And I had to make them each in different colors.
Because I asked them last week what colors they like.
We have a whole herd of colored pigs.

 So then I got to thinking, we will need a gift bag to put the piggies and some candy in, so I grabbed the cute Christmas fabric that my sister-in-law gave me last year, whacked off a hunk of it and sewed it to make a bag.
Actually, a whole set of bags.

And then I remembered something I saw on Pintrest.  You sew some candy inside of a brown paper sandwich.  I decided on a stocking shape, drew it out and added a velvet ribbon accent.
Like so.

And I thought I'd toss a candy cane into the bag. 
Cuz kids need candy when they go home. :-)
Then I remembered the candy cane mice that someone gave my kids many, many years ago.
I had leftover felt. Why not?

So I made a batch of mice with candy tails.

 Now everything is gathered together in their individual bags...

 And will eventually be tied up with ribbon once the teacher and I get the last few items gathered.
These bags came together so quickly. I should make them for all the presents this year and not ever by wrapping paper again...just keep reusing them.  
Mwahaha...or not.

  Meanwhile I'm in charge of this week's ornament craft.
 I printed large ornament shapes with "These are a few of my favorite things. Christmas 2013" at the bottom.  Then I printed a bunch of clip art with things they told me they liked.
 They will pick out what they like, glue it onto the ornament and take it home. Done in a day. 
Last week me made Borax Snowflakes.  Those were not done in a day. But parents have told me the kids are looking forward to coming back to Sunday School this week to see their snowflakes.

We're coming down to the wire, folks. Christmas is in TEN days!
I'm still shopping, baking and decorating.  Lots of stuff may not get done this year. So be it.

We hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas. 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Entry #20 - Dear Diary

Dear Diary,
It is Day #9161 and my captives have taken advantage of my unwillingness to leave the house by subjecting me to domestic chores.  The one called "husband" left early for "work" as did "oldest child".   This left me at the hands of "middle child" and "youngest child" who thought it fitting to drag two dead deer home yesterday and force me and the others to butcher the same. Today was processing day.
While I put a deer roast in the crockpot for supper, washed breakfast dishes and prepared equipment then cut up 14 pounds of meat and crammed it into canning jars, "middle child" and "youngest child" used the meat grinder to make ground meat. Then after some confusion on "middle child's" part, 10 pounds of the ground meat was mixed with spices, flavorings and salt cure. I was forced to start and re-start the pressure canner four times because of, shall we say, user error.  A good time was not had by all.  By then it was time for lunch and I prepared deer steaks, cream corn (out of a can) and creamed peas. "Middle child" invited Girlfriend 2.0 for lunch, who suspiciously eyeballed the chicken breast in the oven that I had reserved for myself. Deer for two meals in one day is too much for even me.  After cleaning the kitchen again of dirty dishes left behind by my captures, I used the devilish contraption called "the jerky gun" which fought me tooth and nail.  By this time I wanted to tell "middle child" and "youngest child" that they should process their own deer if they think this hunting thing is so grand, but my royal upbringing and these darn manners kept me from speaking out. I blame my parents for such a noble childhood.
But I digress.
"Middle child" and "youngest child" had left me under the watchful eye of Girlfriend 2.0 as she helped put jerky in the dehydrator. I was to get no rest, for while doing so they were in the attic digging out a large, fake Christmas tree.  Once it was assembled, "middle child" and Girlfriend 2.0 decided it was time to go shopping and left me in the hands of "youngest child" until "husband" came home from "work."  Once home, "husband" declared that he was hungry, so I prepared Brussels sprouts and stuffing (from a box) as well as gravy to go with the aforementioned roast in the crockpot.  Then it was time to - once again - wash the dirty dishes left behind by my captures.
I have sneaked off to my room to write this latest diary entry with my dishpan hands. Who knows what I will be subjected to tomorrow for all my plans for making Christmas goodies this week have been thwarted.

The only sign that Christmas is fast approaching is a sad, naked tree in my living room.

At least we eat well.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Entry #19 - A slight change of plans

So in my last posting (before Thanksgiving) I hinted at a project that I would give details about later.  After it was delivered.

As in a week ago.


I couldn't deliver said project to its designated receiver on Monday.
On Tuesday we had a snowstorm and Momma ain't driving in that if she doesn't have to.
Wednesday began the pre-Thanksgiving preparation rituals.  Namely: baking of the pies.
Thursday was a holiday.
Black Friday...duh!
And on Saturday we had a Baby Shower to attend.  On the way I was finally able to make a little girl very happy with my sewing project.

A topsy-turvy doll.

If you've never heard of such a thing, let me enlighten you.

 A topsy-turvy doll is a doll with a full dress skirt that...
 ...when lifted reveals...
 ...doll underneath.
In this case it is a doll that is awake on one side and asleep on the other.

My sewing machine made quick work of the embroidered faces.

Little details...the nightgown had extra lace.
 The hair had to be tied back to keep it from showing under the skirt.

 Lace, flowers and frills added girly touches.

I love sewing.  Especially for little girls.