Saturday, December 13, 2014

Post #81 - A quick catch-up post.

So we didn't post at all in November and now
December is nearly half over and I bet you think 
we've forgotten about the blog. 
Au contraire!

It's just that a blog post isn't much without pictures and I haven't been taking many pictures lately. I've been living in the moment more and documenting the moment less.

But here is a glimpse at what I have been doing 
for the past month or so.

 The celery that I started in my window sill back in February?  
I harvested it from the garden just before the first frost. 

 Hubs took me to Amish country to hunt for fabric stores. 
We found them. 

 We saw a beautiful sunset on the way home.
Wow again.

 Brutus had his appointment at the Vet's office and 
needed a name tag for his crate. 
He got one.

 We held a wreath-making class at church and had a blast!

 I started a quilt.

 We went to see the light shows in two different towns. 

 I worked on the quilt.
I wish I could say I finished the quilt and started another one. 
Moving along...

 I made a snowman decoration for my front porch.
Kudos if you spotted Lizzie at the door before I pointed her out to you.

And I decorated.

Now if it would just snow it would feel more like Christmas.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Post #80 - The annual Decorate-the-Sugar-Cookies-Day was this week.

Every year my Mom would make a big batch of sugar cookies and we'd get together and decorate them. Last year was the first year I can ever remember not doing that. So this year my kids asked if we could decorate cookies. I agreed and boy-howdy did we have fun. It was a lot of work, but I'll do it again in a heartbeat.

 At first everyone was concentrating on creating a masterpiece.

 And there was some pride when it was accomplished.

 Many cookies were consumed during the melee.

 We laughed and enjoyed each others' company.

 And just look at the masterpieces that were created. 
 Of course, we'll never know what the ones that were
eaten right away looked like.
 But they probably didn't look much different than the ones that survived.
 But I'm just guessing.
And then just like that there were no more cookies to decorate.
 This pan of cookies?  It holds...
the final cookie with the last of the icing.
I believe there's a bird cookie underneath that pile of blue.
But it didn't last very long.

We're definitely doing this again next year.