Saturday, December 13, 2014

Post #81 - A quick catch-up post.

So we didn't post at all in November and now
December is nearly half over and I bet you think 
we've forgotten about the blog. 
Au contraire!

It's just that a blog post isn't much without pictures and I haven't been taking many pictures lately. I've been living in the moment more and documenting the moment less.

But here is a glimpse at what I have been doing 
for the past month or so.

 The celery that I started in my window sill back in February?  
I harvested it from the garden just before the first frost. 

 Hubs took me to Amish country to hunt for fabric stores. 
We found them. 

 We saw a beautiful sunset on the way home.
Wow again.

 Brutus had his appointment at the Vet's office and 
needed a name tag for his crate. 
He got one.

 We held a wreath-making class at church and had a blast!

 I started a quilt.

 We went to see the light shows in two different towns. 

 I worked on the quilt.
I wish I could say I finished the quilt and started another one. 
Moving along...

 I made a snowman decoration for my front porch.
Kudos if you spotted Lizzie at the door before I pointed her out to you.

And I decorated.

Now if it would just snow it would feel more like Christmas.

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