Friday, January 9, 2015

Post #82 - I'm feeling blessed.

My heart is overwhelmed with the feeling of being blessed.  God is so good!

I am rich. I am rich beyond expression. I am rich, not it earthly possessions but in eternal, unseen and untouched blessings.

God is alive and doing a good work and He has blessed me.

I hold the love and respect of a godly man who loves the Lord, is a wonderful provider, the master of his home, an excellent father to our children and a good son and son-in-law.  We have a love language that is both playful banter and loving, uplifting support for one another. I adore this man more than words can express.

I have the love and respect of three gorgeous children. They are the product of two imperfect people, so they, too, are imperfect...but they are loved. They are good people from good stock and they love the Lord.  They are caring and funny and trustworthy and helpful and loyal and all shades of nice.
I have the love and respect of some pretty wonderful people whom I am blessed to call friends.  God has chosen a great circle of friends for me--I'm so glad I turned that over to Him.  The support, prayers, godly advice and love that they have showered over me has meant so much to me.

We've had some sad, happy and rough family, my friends and I...and God was there--helping us through them, watching over us and guiding us. 

I am blessed.

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