Saturday, October 25, 2014

Post #79......She's back!!

Hey!'s been doing all the posts the last few weeks because I've been pulling my hair out with a quilt. And hand embroidery. And the Puppet team. And the Youth Group. You get the picture.

I'm one of the Youth Leaders at our church now, so they keep me on my toes. And recently the Youth Group found themselves leading our church's Puppet Team, and since a)I'm a youth leader and b)I used to be in this particular Puppet Team, I'm now leading the Puppets, with the help of another former Puppeteer.

In addition to those fun adventures I've also started embroidering.
My first project......
This pattern originally had mums instead of the pumpkin 
but I didn't like how they looked. 
And I do what I want. 

This was my next project. I found this as a coloring page and loved it. 
I loved how the stems turned out!
It's a picture of PUNKINS ;)

I've also been working on my first quilt. Everyone that knew about this project has been looking for the pictures of it, and now that it is finished I will post them all. 
This was me laying it out on the table. About half way through I decided I'd run out of room so I ended up using the same pattern and just flipping it reversed. 

This is around the halfway point. For some reason the blocks didn't line up right so I off set them even more to make it look like I meant to do that. ;)

I was so happy when I got the top done!

We had to roll the rug back and wet mop the floor so we could lay out the top, batting, and the back and pin them together. While waiting on it to dry Lizzy explored. When we did lay it out both her and Brutus thought we'd laid out a new bed for them. We were to busy keeping them off and pinning to get a picture though. 

We interrupt your regular crafty blog post to show you this snake. That we thought was dead. That I picked up. I wanted to see the bottom so I could tell if it was male or female, when I flipped it the darn thing flipped back over. I looked at mom and said "dead snakes don't flip themselves over" 

Now Back to the quilt......

Since I didn't get the rows straight the edge wasn't straight........
this was a problem.
After much laughing, and almost peeing pants, we decided the best way to cut a straight line was tape three yard sticks together, then lay down masking tape along them. Then just cut along the masking tape. 
To bad I can't sew a straight line on my binding.
This is where I snapped.....literally. I even snapped at dad. And almost threw something at the poor cats. Eventually did get them all sewn and mom helped sew it onto the quilt. The whole binding situation happened the night before we left for vacation (pictures from that are another blog later).

It looks so purty on the bed.
This is a Picture of the back (flannel), the binding, and the tie 
(I voted to tie it instead of machine quilt it)

And the fancy seam mom's machine did. 

Well, that's all for now. Going to start work on my second quilt as soon as I get all the fabric. Anyone care to guess what the theme is? 

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